About me - gkarbauskis

I was born in Taurage, Lithuania in 1979. As far as I can remember, photography has always surrounded me. The first money that I earned when I was 9-10 years old, was spent to buy a camera. It was a second hand Russian Smena and I used it to photograph the foreign cars in my town, since they were really rare and exotic at that time. Modern architecture is one of my biggest passions and main motif in my photographs. The art of seeing a place or a building with different eyes, to use them as objects to create a completely new, unseen world is what I try to achieve in my work. I also like to see the play of light and forms in my pictures. The viewer has to develop the story himself. I feel content if the picture expands beyond the frames in the viewer's mind. When taking photos I invest a lot of time. First, I let the place affect me for some time; in other words, I am trying to identify its spirit. Gradually the picture evolves in my head and then the only thing that is left - the correct settings on my camera. You can contact me by Email here


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