Water towers are used to store and distribute water. They are found both in small towns and major cities. Luxembourg is no exception.

Sometimes water towers are designed to be hidden whilst others are constructed as a focal point within a community. Most of the water towers in Luxembourg are visible from various locations and can be seen for kilometres around. Although these buildings have one basic function - holding water for future use - it is quite surprising that there are so many variations in the shapes of different water towers.

One thing all water towers have in common, despite their original purpose, they make stunning landmarks in the country. They are, in some senses, the symbolical monuments that refer to industrialization. On the other hand, these reservoirs are also architectural expressions that do not resemble typical water tower designs.

The main purpose of my work is to showcase the aesthetics of these single purpose industrial buildings. Each tower is a unique symbol of place, but together these buildings can be seen as objects of photographic inspiration and art.

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